February 13, 2022



Seattle septet The Dip is February 2022’s Record of the Month, and we’re so excited to offer our vinyl subscription members a spectacular clear and pink splatter pressing of their new record Sticking With It!

The Dip has built an incredible grassroots fan base through their passionate and fun live shows, their soulful and powerful performances, and their danceable and groovy tunes throughout their career. Sticking With It is no exception whatsoever, with love songs like “Paddle To The Stars” and the touching “When You Lose Someone,” among a host of other amazing songs.

Guitarist Jacob Lundgren answered a few questions about the new record for us, and now’s your chance to get to know him and the record better! Keep on reading and you’ll surely become a fan of The Dip!

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Q & A

What inspired you to make this record?

We are always writing new songs and inspiring each other to add to each other’s compositions. On this particular album we were inspired by new recording gear and the desire to create more mature compositions: musically, lyrically, and from an engineering/mixing perspective.

What is your songwriting process like normally, and how, if at all, has it changed due to the pandemic?

Usually someone brings in some chords or a demo that is partially or fully fleshed out. We all work on it together to add bits and pieces to complete the song or refine and polish a complete demo. Tom handles most of the lyric writing with the occasional line suggested by others. Our process never really changed during the pandemic as we had most of our songs laid out for this album when the shutdown occurred. About six months in we decided to do a cabin retreat in order to finish the album writing and subsequently finished recording in our Seattle studio.

What’s been the most challenging part of making this record?

I think keeping the drive to completely finish recording, mixing and mastering was really difficult. We didn’t necessarily have a clear future for the record due to the pandemic and lack of touring support. Once we signed to Dualtone Records it really lit a fire under us to get it done and off to the record presses.

How is this record different from your other releases?

This record feels like a very natural progression from our past releases. You can instantly tell it’s The Dip but with a more mature sound and more experience arranging and writing. On many songs we very consciously tried to leave more space for each other and for overdubbing extra elements like organ, piano, backing vocals and even a string orchestra!

What was the recording process like on this record?

For this record we really wanted to take our time in our own studio to learn the ins and outs of our new recording gear. We experimented with a lot of new gear, sounds, and recording techniques. Typically we record 2-3 songs with the rhythm section and then have a session for the horns to record their parts, usually all into one microphone. Then we lay down Tom’s vocals and his ideas for backing vocals. For this record we flew down to LA to record three amazing singers (Vanessa Bryan, Dasha Chadwick, and Nic Jackson) for the final tracks of the backing vocals. For two of the songs we did a remote recording session of a Macedonian string orchestra!

Do you have a favorite song on this record? If so, why is it your favorite?

My current favorite song on this album is probably Sleep On It. It was so fun to produce and mix this song! There are so many subtle elements that float in and out of the song, and it was such an inspired process to create a dreamy arrangement with the goal of complementing Tom’s beautiful lyrics. I always feel like it’s a great privilege to mix our songs and listen to every track so intimately; this one in particular makes me feel that way.

What song(s) are you most excited to perform live?

Oh man we have really cooked up a great live set for this album! We always like to shake things up for the live show and do songs a little bit differently. For older material it often means re-imagining a song completely. For old and new songs alike it means adding new parts and segues. The live show is a very different experience from listening to the record! I am particularly looking forward to playing Vacation and Sleep On It.

What’s a song that would be the most challenging to play live?

We are all stepping up our contributions to the backing vocal parts and filling out those important elements in the songs. Some of the more challenging songs to do this will probably be Paddle To The Stars and When You Lose Someone.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone who wants to start making music?

Just have fun and don’t expect too much from yourself or your partners! If you want to make something more of it just keep creating, writing, and recording. Things will improve and naturally fall into place if your heart is in it. Don’t be too precious with ideas and songs (this one is particularly difficult for me!)

What’s it like seeing your records on vinyl?

By now it’s pretty normal for us but it’s always a thrill to see new album artwork so big and tactile. I love it.

What was the first album you ever owned on vinyl?

The Black Keys’ third album Rubber Factory.

What have you been listening to lately?

I have recently been listening to all my old Chess Records box sets: Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Bo Diddley, Willie Dixon, and Etta James.

What is the best live show you’ve seen, and why was it the best?

Probably D’Angelo. His band was absolutely incredible and the set was perfectly crafted. It was beyond words.

If you had a front row seat to a live show right now, who would you go see and why?

C.W. Stoneking. He has the ability to transport the audience to a different place and time with just a guitar, his unique voice, and a great wit and sense of humor. He is a true storyteller and a humble genius.

Is there an album on vinyl that’s no longer in print that you’d love to see repressed?

I’ve been waiting patiently for a repress of the CAKE vinyl box set! It came out on Record Store Day in 2014 and they’ve been saying they will repress it for many years now.

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