January 31, 2020


Track Listing


  1. Intro
  2. I Can Feel You Dancing
  3. Good Times
  4. Wonder
  5. Count On Me
  6. Wash It Clean
  7. Enemies


  1. Interlude
  2. Just Enough To Get By
  3. Martingales
  4. Illegal Immigrant
  5. Friends
  6. Dust Settles
  7. August
  8. Finale

January 2020

Our Record of the Month for January 2020 was Half Moon Light, the new album by folk-rock powerhouse trio The Lone Bellow.

From the curator, Langhorne Slim

Dear reader,

I hope this note finds you warm and well. I offer this as a testament to the infinite power of Music, to the bands we hold dear, and in this particular case, to my friends, The Lone Bellow.

We are all the sons and daughters of spirits. Connected by and through some kind of magnificent energy.  Whether we identify this energy to our ancestors, aliens, Muhammad, Jesus, a spectrum of infinite, unknown colors cascading through a basement ceiling somewhere in the mountains of Colorado or perhaps something else entirely … it matters not. What matters is that when brought forward through music, the result is a high and mighty vibration…the land where connection and love live. However we get there and no matter our backgrounds or differences, we meet on sweaty dance floors in Cleveland, New Jersey, San Francisco and so on to feel its purifying presence.

This is the spirit the Lone Bellow tap into with grace, honesty and rebellion in their soul-shaking live performances and on their new record you now hold in your hand. In a time where fear and division are being sold like DVDs in a NYC subway station in the late 90’s, we need this kind of spirit. Through it, we’re reminded of where we come from, who we’ve become, where we wish to be and all the funny, beautiful, maddening feelings in between. Most importantly, we’re reminded that we‘re not alone. Whether at a church of yer choice, a rock ‘n’ roll club with no doors on the bathroom stalls, at da club or in yer bedroom late at night… when the music’s on, we’re all connected again. That’s the divine power of music, and that’s the spirit of my dear friends The Lone Bellow.

– Langhorne Slim

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