June 1, 2018

Lake Street Dive - Free Yourself Up

Track Listing

Side A:

  1. Baby, Don’t Leave Me Alone With My Thoughts
  2. Good Kisser
  3. Shame, Shame, Shame
  4. I Can Change
  5. Dude

Side B:

  1. Red Light
  2. Doesn’t Even Matter Now
  3. You Are Free
  4. Musta Been Something
  5. Hang On

May 2018

Lake Street Dive’s new album “Free Yourself Up” was our Record Of The Month for May.

This album is full of strong lyrics that will be sure to resonate with you in same way. As bassist, Bridget Kearney says, “It is based in the realities of our time which have inevitably become part of everyone’s daily life. It’s something you think about and obsess over — and write songs about. Free Yourself Up is about empowering yourself, emboldening yourself, no matter what’s going wrong.”

Pressed on limited edition baby blue vinyl, this record is one you will spin often and you’ll be dancing again. We have only a few left!

From the curator, Drew Holcomb…

One of the great things about living in Nashville is that we have a fantastic local radio station. For years I have tuned in to lightning 100 as I drive around town, and I can’t tell you how many times they have introduced me to new music that I love. This is how I first heard Lake Street Dive, probably 2014, with the scorching album “Bad Self Portraits.” Singer Rachael Price is a massive presence on the microphone and her bandmates bring a modern retro vibe to life, and more than anything, it sounds like they are having fun. 

Their new album, Free Yourself Up, is a record full of big statements of solidarity, love, and empowerment. The single “Good Kisser” is also one of the biggest and most fun breakup songs I have ever heard. In a world filld with bands trying really hard to sound like the 60’s and 70’s, Lake Street Dive pays homage to those eras while succeeding in not living in the past. This album is a very collaborative record for the band, and shows the world that they are here to stay. 

If you don’t this band, get ready to want to dance and sing in your kitchen with the volume knob all the way up, and go see them on tour this spring! You certainly won’t regret either choice. 

-Drew Holcomb

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