February 11, 2019

Meet February's Artist Discovery: The Wild Reeds

The Wild Reeds. Photo by Pooneh Ghana


Meet The Wild Reeds, the Los Angeles band helmed by three powerful voices and songwriters: Sharon Silva, Mackenzie Howe, and Kinsey Lee. Their strong three-part harmonies, catchy hooks, and thoughtful songwriting have earned them a devoted fan following and support from outlets like NPR Music, Billboard, and more. Bassist Nick Phakpiseth and drummer Nick Jones round out the band, and their new album Cheers is sure to get you hooked on their music.

Listen to the first two singles from Cheers here!

We asked The Wild Reeds a few questions to get to know them better – take a peek at what they had to say!

Also, click here to get tickets for their upcoming Spring tour!

Q & A

What was the first album you ever owned on vinyl?

Sharon: Digital Ash in a Digital Urn. I was at a Bright Eyes show in Santa Cruz when I was 15, and I didn’t have a record player yet…but I had to spend all the cash I had at the merch table for obvious reasons. 

Kinsey: Pavarotti Records.

What have you been listening to lately?

Sharon: Julia Jacklin, Petal, Jenny O.

Kinsey: Brody Douglas Hunt.

Who or what influences your music?

Mackenzie: I’d say comedy and tragedy. The most bizarre and beautiful aspects of life, and the process of tying them together in a song. I’ve always felt like John Prine was incredible at that. And folks like The Kinks and the Beatles who really utilized absurdity in the best way.   

Sharon: Perceived “negative” emotions, Judee Sill, my bandmates.

What’s the best live show you’ve seen?

Nick P: It’s a tough call between this band from Tel Aviv called Monotonix which had a live show consisting of cymbals set on fire, the singer singing on top of the bar at the back of the Echoplex, and the crowd carrying the drum kit and crowd surfing the drummer as he’s playing with a trash can over his body, vs. Charles Bradley’s concert which consisted of the funkiest grooves, the most heartfelt singing, and the most genuine human speaking his truth.

Who is the first artist you remember listening to?

Sharon: Either Foreigner or ABBA.

Mackenzie: Jackson Browne and Bob Marley. Those two were a staple in my house as long as I can remember.

Where is your favorite place in the world?

Mackenzie: Kathmandu, Nepal. Or the Goodwill outlet in east L.A.

Sharon: Los Angeles, Portland, Oregon, but I need to get out more.

Kinsey: New Orleans.

What are some things you have to have on the road with you?

Sharon: Eye-mask, my microfiber hair turban, yoga mat, headphones, every type of lotion, thanks.

Mackenzie: Vitamin C, a notebook, ear plugs, headphones, tea, friends, and hats.

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