1. What A Drag
  2. And It’s Still Alright
  3. All Or Nothing
  4. Expecting To Lose
  5. Tonight #2


  1. Mavis
  2. You Need Me
  3. Time Stands
  4. Kissing Our Friends
  5. Rush On

February 2020

And It's Still Alright

February 2020’s Record of the Month is the first solo album in nearly seven years by Nathaniel Rateliff – And It’s Still Alright.

Inspired partly by the end of a relationship and the death of friend and Night Sweats collaborator Richard Swift, the songs on And It’s Still Alright passionately and urgently speak to finding hope through dark times and staying strong through struggle, all in Rateliff’s trademark soulful voice.

“I think this album is a reminder that we all go through hardship, but regardless of the hardship everything ends up where it’s supposed to. Regardless of where I’m at after Richard’s death and my divorce, and getting older, I still continue to live and I still continue to find joy. I think that’s the theme of the record.” 
– Nathaniel Rateliff

The Curator

Charles Berry Jr. (son of Chuck Berry)

I was just a side man trying to be in the right key and catch all the cues in a band, that’s one of many hats I’ve worn. I have the honor and privilege to wear a hat that will be cherished for the rest of my life. The opportunity of a lifetime, as a matter of fact: giving my thoughts on one of the most intense musical journeys one could imagine. 

Nathaniel became an immediate lifelong friend just prior to someone close to me passing away. Someone I loved my entire life that was my hero and mentor. Nathaniel gave a wonderful gift participating on my father’s final musical work several years ago, then helped make it take its place in Dad’s musical legacy. My son and I have shared the stage with him twice, which was an absolute blast. More importantly, there’s a friendship that feels like we have been old fishing buddies telling one story after another and laughing our heads off. That’s the type of person he is, easy-going and relatable.

Nathaniel has brought forth a masterwork of emotions and musical talent few, if any, will ever be able to match. A journey into his life and soul. He has always delivered outstanding experiences both heartfelt and vibrant. As hard as it is to imagine, he’s pushed the envelope and explored new territory, extolling sides of him not seen in the past.

It’s not easy to convey emotion in music. Sure, an upbeat song can make you tap your foot or dance, and a quiet passage in a song may make one want to listen a bit closer. Nathaniel, proving once again he’s mastered the art, makes you part of the story with relevance, intrigue and depth. 

Anyone that’s dealt with the life experiences Nathaniel conveys to us will find a much needed light providing guidance in their quest for understanding and a path forward. It’s an incredible work all of us can appreciate and enjoy.

Listening to these songs found me stopping what I was doing and giving it my full attention; it’s pretty much impossible not to. I’m sure you will many, many times as well.

– Charles E. Berry Jr.

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