Penny & Sparrow - Finch

Track Listing

1. Long Gone
2. Eloise Preamble
3. Eloise
4. Don’t Wanna Be Without Ya
5. Cult Classically
6. Bishop
7. Recuerda
8. Hannah
9. Stockholm
10. It’s Hysterical
11. Gumshoe

July 2019

Finch, the new album by indie-folk duo Penny & Sparrow, was pressed exclusively for our vinyl subscription members on bright yellow vinyl!

Finch is a record of growth, of shifting perspectives as one gets older and experiences the world more. The duo, made up of Andy Baxter and Kyle Jahnke, ask big questions throughout the record about masculinity, divorce, religion, and more, while captivating listeners with their beautiful harmonies, delicate delivery, and masterful songwriting.

From the curator, Natalie from the band Joseph

I’ll never forget in 2014 hearing a band Meegan had discovered called Penny & Sparrow. We couldn’t stop listening. I was shocked when I found out they had played in Portland at a TINY little bar where the live music competed with the tinny radio station blasting out of the kitchen. They deserved a much bigger stage! Our dad said, “Why don’t you just email them and see if they want to play a show with you?” At that time we’d gained some traction in Portland so, as nervous as I was to reach out to a band I liked, I thought maybe we could entice them with a show at Mississippi Studios. To my surprise, they replied and that began a friendship with the Baxters and Jahnkes that I have loved and cherished from that day forward. 

We were truly lucky to get to learn from them playing shows together the next few years. They shared their crowds with us in Texas and taught us about breakfast tacos. We got to be in their audiences, getting transported each night with everyone else. If you’ve been in one of those crowds, you know what I’m talking about. They manage to introduce you to feelings you either forgot about or didn’t know you had. When I saw them in Chicago recently I was dying laughing one minute and silently streaming tears the next. They break open what’s closed, shake loose what’s stuck, relax your shoulder muscles for you.
“Finch” is thrilling and surprising. It has me leaning in for each sonic treasure in its layers. Every time I listen I hear something new. “I Don’t Wanna Be Without Ya” has been my daily morning song. (Listen for the dreamy lyric about reincarnating as her hairpin.) “Recuerda” is for the moment at the end of the day when the party’s over and it’s just you and yours under the lights for a slow dance. This album is both tender and tough, a hand to hold. It’s going to sound incredible on vinyl. 
I am a huge Penny & Sparrow fan. “Finch” is exquisite. 
-Natalie from Joseph
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