October 1, 2019

The Lumineers - III

Track Listing

Chapter 1 – Gloria Sparks

  1. Donna
  2. Life in the City
  3. Gloria
Chapter 2 – Junior Sparks
  1. It Wasn’t Easy to be Happy for You
  2. Leader of the Landslide
  3. Left for Denver
Chapter 3 – Jimmy Sparks
  1. My Cell
  2. Jimmy Sparks
  3. April
  4. Salt and the Sea

Side 4 – Bonus Tracks

  1. Democracy (Bonus Track)
  2. Old Lady (Bonus Track)
  3. Soundtrack Song (Bonus Track)

September 2019

This month’s Record of the Month is III, the new album by The Lumineers, pressed exclusively for our monthly vinyl club members on blue vinyl!

III, the band’s third album, tells the story of three generations of the Sparks family, who struggles with the hardship of loving someone who is an addict and isn’t helping themselves. The album is structured in three chapters, each focusing on one member of the family. Fraites said of the new music in a statement, “This collection of songs worked out in a beautiful way, and I feel with this album we’ve really hit our stride.”

From the curator, Rayland Baxter…

“Hello random reader. My name is Rayland Baxter and I am a songwriter and singer from Bon Aqua, Tennessee. I met Wes and Jeremiah in Toronto before the first show of the Cleopatra World Tour in 2016. If my memory serves me well, Jeremiah walked by a show of mine earlier that year at SXSW and, by golly, enjoyed what he heard. From that came an invitation to join them for nearly two months on a wonderful expansive tour around the United States. Night after night my admiration and respect for their artistry and character grew as they put on a hard hitting poetic and emotional performance. I was a deer in the headlight with my jaw on the floor, astonished. We are now brothers and keep in touch often. I am sitting at Wes’ kitchen table as i write this.

Their new album “III” is an absolute American masterpiece of picture and sound (I insist you watch the film that accompanies the record). The story of the Sparks family is my story and yours, as much as it is theirs. We are all broken … a crowded planet of human beings on a mission to bear the burdens of our ancestors’ past. The lucky ones are equipped with an ability to avoid the javelins of addiction left behind … the others [portrayed by the Sparks family] not so lucky. Life is hard … and life is beautiful. 

Yesterday, i watched and listened to “III” in its entirety (five times). Today I reflect on so much. Today I am happy. Today I am sad. Today I am humble. Today I am the grandson of my mothers alcoholic parents. Today I am the son of a beautiful man who, like all of us, are born with a ferocious and egocentric desire to mate with The Reaper. I am grateful for so many things … one being my friendship with Wes and Jeremiah, another being “III”, The Lumineers third album.  Please lend your ears and eyes to an American masterpiece of picture and sound, if you will. I insist. I hope you have a wonderful day. 


Rayland Baxter


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