July 11, 2018

The Milk Carton Kids - All The Things That I Did And All The Things That I Didn't Do

Track Listing

  1. Just Look At Us Now
  2. Nothing Is Real
  3. Younger Years
  4. Mourning in America
  5. You Break My Heart
  6. Blindness
  7. One More for the Road
  8. Big Time
  9. A Sea of Roses
  10. Unwinnable War
  11. I’ve Been Loving You
  12. All the Things…

June 2018

The Milk Carton Kids’ new album, “All The Things That I Did And All The Things That I Didn’t Do” was featured as our June ROTM and pressed on exclusive double clear vinyl. 

Kenneth Pattengale and Joey Ryan are The Milk Carton Kids and sing with harmonies similar to The Everly Brothers and Simon & Garfunkel.

Released at the end of June, this new project marks the first time the acoustic duo has brought a band into the studio with them. “We wanted to do something new,” Pattengale says.

You will find the lyrics etched on the back of side B of this limited edition pressing.

From the curator, Drew Holcomb…

I could listen to the Milk Carton Kids all day and night. Joey Ryan and Kenneth Pattengale have found a magical musical bond that is a timeless blend of simplicity and complexity. Usually armed with only two voices and two guitars, their songs are an invitation to engage in the intricacies of the modern heart and the world that surrounds us all. 

Their new and fourth album, All the Things That I Did and All the Things That I Didn’t Do finds the band expanding their sound by adding a few more players to the recordings. It is still the precise approach but touches of drums, bass, violin, clarinet. one of my favorite drummers plays on the record. Jay Bellerose has played with Ray Lamontgane, Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, T-Bone Burnett and a litany of other great recording artists, and his songwise flourishes add a great deal of depth to this new Milk Carton Kids. 

But the new players never get in the way of the classic songs and the overwhelming harmonies that are the meat of the album. There is a 10 minute romp through these harmonies and guitar bravery on the “One More for the Road”, a wonderful trip through the moods of the American moment with “Mourning in America”, and a timeless heartbreaker “You Break My Heart.” 

This album solidifies Milk Carton Kids in the pantheon of fabled duos. I trust their instincts and will leave you with Kenneth’s own description of this record…. “You do the best you can. You follow your North Star. You make sure there’s nothing you’ll regret. Then you start the lifelong work of accepting what you did as valid. I regret nothing. I’m listening as best I can can.”  

-Drew Holcomb

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